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Landscaping your home has so much to offer. The simple addition of landscaping installations, like outside fire pits, can increase the value of a home 11.3 percent more than a non landscaped house. Contrary to common belief, a landscape service is not meant to mow the lawn and pick up sticks. If you want that, give the kid next door a call. No, affordable landscape design consists of visible, and artistic, modifications to your yard.

Commercial landscaping makes up about half the industry, but no matter what the scale, but the same concepts and techniques can be applied to home as well. To begin the affordable landscape designing process, you should discuss your vision with a contractor. Your contractor can make suggestions based on your budget, your style and of course your property itself.

As I already mentioned, landscaping has more to give than just a pretty yard. An affordable landscape design could incorporate pest control and management, while also providing a beautiful yet practical outdoor living space. Spending just five percent of the value of your home in landscaping could yield as high as a 150 percent return on investment, when compared to something like a kitchen remodel.

Of all landscaping ideas and plans, hardscapes can offer a return on investment from 100 all the way up to 300 percent! —  Tim H., Pool Contractor

There are practical benefits to landscaping, too. An aesthetically pleasing landscaping job can actually increase the speed at which your home is sold, by up to six weeks. Adding shade over your air conditioning unit can improve its efficiency by up to 10 percent, and strategically placed trees could reduce the utility costs for a home by nearly 25 percent. In addition, larger trees can increase the perceived value of a home by over two percent.

Of all landscaping ideas and plans, hardscapes can offer a return on investment from 100 all the way up to 300 percent! Hardscapes are rock walls, stamped cement or other landscaping projects that are unrelated to plants. Depending on what projects you and your contractor decide on, and what materials you spend, the right landscaping could increase the value of a home by at least 10 to 12 percent.

Landscaping should be considered for a variety of reasons. It is important to enjoy the home in which you live, so aesthetics should be your number one reason. But after that, remember how much value you can be adding to your home. And on top of all that, do not forget to save your receipts, because doing any improvements to your house may qualify you for tax breaks when you sell.

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