Dear Happy Customer

We are asking our happy clients to please post their positive experience with Greencare to show everyone what The Greencare Family is really about. For each Yelp.COM review that stays up for 14 days we will send you a $50.00 gift card to Outback steakhouse. is twisting the truth by removing positive reviews from real Greencare clients. We agree with clients leaving negative feedback if Greencare did not do what they feel is right.

What we don’t agree with is the fact that Yelp hides positive reviews. By doing this they are distorting the truth about Greencare and the service we provide.

Yelp contacted Greencare on numerous occasions and asked us to sign up for a 2 year contract for a fee of $400.00 per month. Upon declining Yelp removed the 2 positive reviews we had at the time and left the 1 negative. This was several years ago.

Since then we have had a voice in opposing Yelps practices and they have become more aggressive in filtering… now over 31 positive reviews (see bottom of Yelp Greencare page in light grey, the words NOT RECOMMENDED) and counting where my clients have even posted pictures of the beautiful paradises Greencare has created.

Let us give you an example of how the yelp system would work if incorporated on a jury trial in a court of law. We are all entitled by the United States Justice System to a fair trial. If upon the jury going into the verdict room 10 jurors felt the person on trial was innocent and the remaining 2 felt the person was guilty.

Yelps system would eliminate the innocent voters and ask the defendant for an outrageous fee for these innocent votes. If the defendant refused… then only the 2 guilty votes would be heard. This is extortion. It is clear and simple.

Yelp is hiding behind the freedom of speech clause but they are completely misusing our constitution and someday in the future this is going to come out. Yelp is hurting small business in America and yes they are a billion dollar juggernaut that has teams of lawyers but someday I hope the world will see their true face.

They started many years ago by posting just flat out FAKE reviews then approaching companies demanding money to remove them. They have since said they changed their ways and they have. Now they just let the public do their dirty work for them. Please do your research before you use Yelp. By leaving negative reviews you are teaming up with an immoral and unjust company.

To every individual that that leaves a negative review on Yelp. Greencare hears you loud and clear but we implore you not to engage in Yelps extortion practices. Give us the opportunity to make it right.

Not every job is perfect but Greencare continues to strive to be better and own up to whatever it is we did wrong. We work incredibly hard at being the best in the industry and we are the #1 exterior design and installation firm in the valley. We do an extremely large volume of clients so for every project we do… about 1 out of 1000 is not happy in the end. When this occurs we address the issue and work hard to resolve it. We take our clients concerns very seriously.

If you click at the bottom of yelp in light grey…in really small font the statement (31 other reviews that are not currently recommended.

As of 8/10/2014 they have filtered 31), there are numerous positive reviews for Greencare in those reviews. Yelp only posts the negative and no matter what they filter the positive.

I’m doing all I can to change this. Again, we are asking our happy clients to please post their positive experience with Greencare to show everyone what The Greencare Family is really about. Maybe we can get to a thousand filtered reviews

Please click the link below and leave details of your positive experience with Greencare. The more detail the better! Then check back 1 week later. If yelp removed it please complain to Yelp and any governing body that will listen. It should be illegal what they are doing.

It is fairly simple you just sign up, confirm your email and leave the review.

We wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you again if you can find the time to leave a review and THANK YOU Yet again if you follow up with the complaint when they remove it.