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EXAMPLE OF HOW IT MAY LOOK! WE HAVE LITTLE CONTROL. CERTAIN PATCHES WILL ABSORB MORE AND SOME THINK THIS LOOKS TERRIBLE LIKE A SPILL BUT IT IS PART OF THE BEAUTY TO SOME. IT ALL COMES OUT DIFFERENTLY! Direct Acid Staining (also called Concrete Staining) is a great option for any concrete floor, interior or exterior, that is in good condition. By concrete staining we mean that we are applying the stain directly onto the original concrete floor. We need to be clear because any little natural imperfection in the concrete will still be visible after concrete staining. It’s a translucent process, so “what you see is what you get”. Anything that is on the floor before concrete staining will be there after the process. All these imperfections give the acid stain “personality”, but for some it may be a little too much. Concrete staining has many pros and a few cons. Let’s go over some of them. For the pros: concrete staining cost is among the lowest of all decorative concrete options, especially if it’s for exterior projects or new construction. Of course concrete staining cost can go up if we have to do a lot of cleaning prior to applying the stain.

Another plus is that concrete staining will create natural, organic colors that are really gorgeous compared to other flooring options. These colors have a translucent quality to them that allows all of a concrete floor’s personality to come through. Ironically, this can also be a “con” simply because it doesn’t hide anything. If there are any imperfections in the floor prior to applying the acid stain, they’ll certainly be there afterwards. Some may even appear after stain. Even on new concrete, Staining imbues your concrete with a huge variety of colors. But concrete stain is actually a chemical reaction between the acid stain and the cement within the concrete mix. This bears emphasizing. Concrete is made of both aggregate (rocks) and the binding cement. Because the stain works through a chemical reaction between the stain and cement, the aggregate will not stain. Concrete staining is not the same as adding pigment to wet concrete. The process is performed on cured, hardened concrete. Concrete staining is achieved using colors derived from natural metallic salts. These metallic salts react with the cement and give a permanent and unique color to the concrete. The stain is translucent and adds a patina effect to the concrete. The true objective of concrete staining is to preserve the beauty and character evident in all concrete. Trowel marks, imperfections and even cracks are seen as the beauty of the floor. Stains also react with the lime in the surface of the concrete and stains seep into the pores in the concrete.

Staining gives a different effect on every concrete job. Because it reacts with the lime in the concrete you can never predict how it will come out. It provides a mottled, natural looking surface with variations in color. Stains are great for getting a natural look that has lots of character. All concrete has imperfections and stains will actually make the imperfections more noticeable. This is part of the natural beauty of concrete. Depending upon your tastes this may be a desirable effect or it may not. Finally, concrete stain can be rather unpredictable as far as exactly what color or shade it will come out. The stain won’t match perfectly once you apply it. It will have a variety of colors and swirls and be aware that concrete always has knicks and scratches even on new installation that cannot be seen when it is flat grey. Upon staining these will become emphasized and visible and are considered part of the natural beauty of the stain. ALL MATERIAL IS GUARANTEED TO BE AS SPECIFIED AND THE WORK TO BE PERFORMED IN ACCORDANCE WITH CONCRETE STAINING BUT IT WILL BE IMPERFECT AND THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS. Contractor agrees to remove all debris from construction and leave the premises in broom clean condition.